Prevalidation error: No phone number found

To complete the validation of a certificate the certificate authority will give a call to the company that the certificate is being requested for.

During the call they will pose a very simply question; Did you request this certificate to be ordered?

The call can only be made to a phonenumber that is listed in a public source. Our system will check in the public sources to ensure the company as submitted in the order is listed. If it is not listed, this validation fails.

Usually the cause of this validation to fail is that the public databases do not contain a phone number for the given company.

To correct this simply update the public source to contain a phone number. Once this is done, click 'Edit certificate' and submit your order again. Our system will then go through all the necessary checks again and validate your order.


We currently use the following public sources:

Dutch companies: KVK, Telefoongids

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