Prevalidation error: Company name incorrect in domain registration details

A certificate is requested in name of a company. One step of the validation is to see if the domain name(s) that the certificate has been requested for are registered to the company as it was submitted in the order.

For example, is registered to the company Hosting Concepts B.V.. Openprovider is a trade name of Hosting Concepts B.V..

When we request a certificate we place the order in name of Hosting Concepts B.V., only the real company name will be accepted by the certificate authorities. If we place the certificate request in name of Openprovider the validation will fail, the certificate authorities will not give out a certificate to us unless we place the order for Hosting Concepts B.V.

When the validation checks it will see that the domain is registered to Hosting Concepts B.V.. It will succeed.

If we had registered the domain to Openprovider this part of the validation would fail. To correct this we will need to update the domain registration to have the real company name at the registry.

Once you have updated the domain name at the registry, click 'Edit certificate' in the SSL panel and request the order again. This will trigger the validation again to see if the data is now correct.

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