The registration can be done via the control panel and you need to have your own local address for this extension.

Private individuals need a N.PRI.XXXXXXXX number in the field "passport/ID number". See list requirements how to obtain this N.PRI number.

If owner is company, the Norwergian company number must be added. You can check the number of the company here:

The registration is realtime.




A transfer can be started with an authorization code. This code can be obtained from the current registrar.Once requested, we will process it manually. Please, pay attention that transfer will be done with same contacts that the domain already has. Once the transfer is done, you will be able to change the registrant.




Transfer characteristics
Transfer authorization code required yes
Method of confirmation authcode
Registration period after transfer unchanged
Transfer time Realtime
Advanced and simple transfers available Contact our Sales department to check if easy transfer of 100 or more .no domains is available.


Trade (owner change)


To change an owner of a .no domainname you can start a trade. This trade will be completed immediately.




An contact update can be performed by updating the handle of the domain. This change is processed realtime.




A domainname can be deleted manually through the control panel.


Restore (reactivation)


A domain name can be restored for 90 days after the domain name has been deleted or expired. This is not an automated process. Please contact support via email to restore your domain. It might take a day before the domain name becomes active again.


TLD information


Detailed extension information
Technical information
  • DNSSEC support: no
  • Minimum length: 3 characters
  • Maximum length: 63 characters
  • Allowed characters: a-z 0-9 -
  • IDN characters: yes
  • Registration period: 1 year
  • Renewal date offset: 0
  • Quarantine period: 0
  • Local presence required? yes
  • Does Openprovider provide local presence services? no
  • Local activity required? no
  • Correct nameserver configuration required? yes
  • Nameservers must be configured and return an authoritative answer before the domain is requested.
  • (You can check this here:
  • Local address of the domain owner is required.
  • Local address of the domain administrator is required.
  • Limited number of domains per registrant.
  • Company registration number (for companies) or personal identification number (for individuals) is required
  • Private individuals require a personal identifier that can be requested at the registry and has to be in the following form: N.PRI.XXXXXXXX
  • This identifier has to be requested directly at the registry The requester will receive an email from the registry with the required identifier.
  • Complaints and conflicts:
Registration agreement The registry requires that a registration agreement is in place between the provider and the domain holder. The text of this registration agreement and any required supplements is the following:
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