A new registration can be done through the control panel.
The registration will be done real-time.




A transfer can be started with an authorization code. This code can be obtained from the current registrar. Please make sure to disable the transfer-lock at the current registrar before initiating the transfer.
After initiating the transfer it will immediately finalize.




Transfer characteristics
Transfer authorization code required yes
Method of confirmation authcode
Registration period after transfer unchanged
Transfer time Realtime
Advanced and simple transfers available Contact our Sales department to check if easy transfer of 100 or more .nf domains is available.


Trade (owner change)


A change of ownership can be done by replacing the registrant handle. This change is processed real-time.




A change in the information of the domainname can be done by updating it in the control panel.




The deletion of the domain is realtime. After the domainname has been deleted it will remain in quarantine for 28 days. During this period it can be reactivated.


Restore (reactivation)


The domainname can be reactivated for 28 days after it has expired or was deleted.


TLD information


Detailed extension information
Technical information
  • DNSSEC support: no
  • Minimum length: 3 characters
  • Maximum length: 63 characters
  • Allowed characters: a-z 0-9 -
  • IDN characters: no
  • Registration period: 1 – 5 years
  • Renewal date offset: 2
  • Quarantine period: 0
  • Local presence required? no
  • Does Openprovider provide local presence services? no
  • Local activity required? no
  • Correct nameserver configuration required? no
  • The Domain(s) can be registered without further limitations.
  • Registrant Agreement:
Registration agreement The registry requires that a registration agreement is in place between the provider and the domain holder. The text of this registration agreement and any required supplements is the following:
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