Prevalidation error: Company data does not match

A certificate is requested in name of a company. One step of the validation is to see if the company that the certificate has been requested on exists.

For example, we request a certificate for our company website We need to put Hosting Concepts B.V. as the company in the order.

During the prevalidation our system will check in the public company registration databases to see if the company exists and what details it has. It will then be compared to the data as it is given in the order.

This check most commonly fails because a mistake was made in the name of the company, or a trade name was submitted instead of the real company name.

For example we request a certificate for and submit the company name 'Openprovider' in the order. This will fail, as 'Openprovider' is the trade name of Hosting Concepts B.V.. In this case I need to update the order with the correct company name.


To correct problems with this step of the validation you will first need to check if the assumption that the company name is as you put it in your order is correct. Check the business registration database and search for the company name. 

Sometimes the company name is not unique and our system will find multiple entries of the same company. In such cases you ned to insert a business registration number in the contact handle of the order. This will point our system to the exact entry in the registration database and match that data.

The next step is to click 'Edit certificate' in the SSL panel and insert a new CSR that contains the correct company name. Once you submit the order our system will check all data again and validate your order.


Currently we check the following databases automatically during prevalidation:

Dutch companies: KVK

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