API Limits

To make sure our platform can remain functional we have imposed some limits to prevent abuse.

Please keep these limitations in mind when interacting with the Openprovider API.


Identical calls limit

API calls on the Openprovider LIVE environment with valid credentials are limited to 300 identical calls within 300 seconds. Identical calls are those where all arguments are identical.

Any IP addresses which exceed this query frequency will be blacklisted. Calls from blacklisted IP addresses receive the error message: "10005 Access denied."

To remove an IP from the blacklist, go to the contacts overview page (click here for the page in the TEST environment) in your account and remove the blacklisted IP addresses. Access will be granted in realtime.

Accounts making API calls with an invalid password or password hash will be blocked after 100 calls in 3600 seconds. Blocked accounts will receive an error message: "50 Calls limit has been reached"

Accounts blocked for making calls with invalid credentials will be automatically unblocked after 20 minutes.

On the TEST environment (CTE) this limit is set to 50 calls per 100 seconds for authorized requests and 50 calls per 50 seconds for unauthorized.


Search results limit

In all search<Domain/Contact/Extension>Request calls there is a parameter "limit", which used in combination with the parameter 'offset' allows you to return the results in parts.

The limit in each search<>Request is placed at 1000 results as a maximum.


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