Billing and payment processors

Which payment methods do you support?
For payment to Powerpanel we support Ideal, paypal and automatic payments.

For your customers you can use any of the PowerPanel plugins we have created with external payment processors like Adyen, Mollie or Sisow. These payment providers support all payment methods like credit card, iDeal and PayPal.


How does the billing cycle work? For example, is it possible not to send invoices on the first day of each month, but on the 15th?
You can decide the date on which your invoices will be sent. If you want your invoices to be sent on the 1st, 15th, 24th or another day of each month, you can configure that.


Do you support prepaid?
Not yet; this is a feature that is on our roadmap.


Is it possible to work with credits?
Not yet; this is a feature that is on our roadmap.


Is the payment status (paid or not) synchronized back from the accounting software?
Yes, when it’s possible.


Let’s say I am an end user and want to buy CloudFlare. Do I pay to PowerPanel or do I need an account with CloudFlare?
You have your own CloudFlare account. You can fill in your credentials in PowerPanel so you don’t have to login to CloudFlare but manage everything from PowerPanel.

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