Requirements to complete Organization Validation to issue a Comodo (Sectigo) certificate


What steps are required to complete Organization Validation to issue a Comodo (Sectigo) certificate?


Organization Validation SSL certificate from Comodo (Sectigo) needs a few steps to complete validation.

Table of contents
1. Domain Control Validation
2. Company validation

Domain Control Validation

Comodo send an e-mail to one of the addresses of the domain to complete the domain validation.
E-mail be sent to one of the addresses showed in the WHOIS of the domain or to a standard address.
Standard addresses: admin / administrator / postmaster / hostmaster / webmaster +

E-mail looks like:

The user copies the code from an e-mail then paste the code and insert into the validation field.
Then the user will receive an e-mail reporting Domain Control Validation has been completed.

Company validation

Once the DCV has been completed CA will proceed with company validation.
The company phone number will be validated, so CA checks online business directories like, or some national ones like in the case of The Netherlands or in case of France.

Note: Company does not appear in a business directory?
We can use some registration documents to validate the phone number, but it is impossible to use the website or something else to validate data.

Once the company has been validated CA will send a callback email. Сallback email contains the instructions for automated call receiving, the user needs to follow steps from email and CA will recall.

Callback e-mail looks like:

User clicks "here" to proceed with the callback, on the next screen will see the validated phone number:

 As you can see here the user has different options:

  • Give his / her own extension ;
  • Option call me now: an automated system will call the customer to give him a validation code ;
  • Option call me later on: customer can schedule the call ;
  • Option request manual callback: In case the customer has a menu it is better to request a manual callback so that an agent from Comodo will call to validate the order ;
  • Option this phone number is incorrect; provide correct phone number: To use another telephone number we need to validate it with a link from a business directory or a legal document, it is not that easy to change the number for the validation ;

The user needs to click on call me now (even if has already talked with CA via manual callback) to introduce the validation code.
Once button "call me now" clicked then new field will appear to introduce the validation code:

Once the code has been introduced the user will receive a message saying that he has completed the callback and the certificate will be delivered.

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