Finding / resetting your authorization code (transfer code) and unlocking domain


Where can I find the authorization code of the domain?
Where can I reset the authorization code of the domain?


The authorization codes to transfer a domain out to another registrar or to use for a reseller change
(internal transfer) can be found here.

  1. Log into the Openprovider Control Panel (RCP - Reseller Control Panel) and click on Domains Overview

  2. Fill in the domain name for which the authorization code should be obtained and click on
    the search button.

  3. In the results below the domain name is shown. Click on the domain name:

  4. The authorization code can be found on the domain details page.


  5. For a transfer out it is necessary to unlock the domain.

Note: We now provide the ability for our customers to unlock domains in grace/soft quarantine period status for transfers out. The ability to unlock is implemented for all extensions that have a soft quarantine period. Details of the soft quarantine period for specific TLDs can be found in TLD Documentation


If there is no code then this can mean one of two things;

  • This TLD does not use authorization codes.
    This can be confirmed by checking our TLD documentation.
  • There is no code generated yet. Commonly because it is only valid for a short period of time, or because it is sent to the registry directly. In such cases, go to authorization code management to generate a new code!


Reset the authorization code of the domain

Some TLDs will support an authorization code reset. If the registry supports this function, the option Reset authorization code? is displayed on the Authorization code management page.

In case the option is not displayed, this TLD will not support an authorization code reset.

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