Escalation procedure - Token request of a domain (reseller)


Which actions are expected from the reseller by an escalation of the domain owner?


When the domain owner contacts Openprovider requesting the authorisation code of a domain or any other change regarding one of the domains the reseller has under his account. Openprovider will contact the reseller.

Openprovider as a registrar is obliged to generate the authorisation code or apply any changes within 5 working days if the owner of the domain requests it.

Before that Openprovider will ask the reseller to contact the domain owner to handle the request. In case the reseller does not respond Openprovider has to generate the codes for the end customer.

Therefore, Openprovider will contact the reseller to inform him about what is going on, if no answer is given we will apply the requested changes within 5 working days. Keep in mind that the registry rules and our terms and conditions place the registrant above the reseller when it comes to deciding what is done to a domain name and what is not.

For example: an unpaid invoice is not a valid reason to decline an update or a reset of authorisation code.

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