Escalation procedure of a domain (registrant)

Openprovider will start an escalation procedure if the owner of a domain wants to get their authorisation code or change some details of the domain name but our reseller does not cooperate for whatever reason.

We, as registrar, are obliged to generate the authorisation code of the domain or to apply any changes in the current contacts if the owner of the domain requests it. Therefore we need to confirm that the person contacting us speaks in name of the owner of the domain. Before we can do anything we will need a copy of the passport of the domain owner (or any legal document if the domain is registered with the name of a company).

We will first contact the reseller where the domain is administrated to inform him about what is going on, we will ask him to do what the owner of the domain has requested us to do. In case the reseller does not collaborate then we will proceed to apply the changes requested 5 days after that we have confirmed the identity of the person or company requesting the escalation.

In case of the authorisation code we will send it via email to the email address of the owner of the domain or via post to the address of the domain owner (according to our information).

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