Escalation procedure - Token request of a domain (registrant)


How to receive a domain authorisation code if the reseller doesn't respond to one's request?


Openprovider will start an escalation procedure when the owner of a domain want to retrieve their authorisation code.

Openprovider, as registrar, is obliged to generate the authorisation code of the domain or to apply any changes in the current contacts if the owner of the domain requests it. Therefore Openprovider need to confirm that the person contacting Openprovider speaks in name of the owner of the domain. Before this escalation procedure can start Openprovider need:


  1. Copy of id card 
    (If the domain is registered on a company name we should receive a Chamber of Commerce letter)
  2. Invoice of the domain
  3. Please note : THIS POINT IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR .nl DOMAINS.                                                                            Proof of ownership (available here, more information available in our .nl article (Transfer > Proof of ownership))   
  4. Please note : THIS POINT IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR INDIAN CUSTOMERS .                                                             a. ID Proof of the Domain Owner (PAN / Aadhar / Driving License / Passport)                                                             b. If the domain is registered in the name of a company / organization, please submit us either Company Registration Certificate / GST Registration Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation (if applies).


These documents should be send to Openprovider, using the form "I am a domain owner" on the following page"


When Openprovider has received the escalation from the domain owner Openprovider will first contact the reseller where the domain is administrated to inform about where the escalation is about, Openprovider will ask the reseller to proceed with the request of the domain owner. In case the reseller does not collaborate send us a reply after 5 working days. Openprovider will provide the authorisation code by email on which the domain is registered or apply the desired changes in the contact details.

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