Restore a domain in quarantine at a different registrar

For some TLDs it is possible to restore the domain from quarantine, even though it is not registered at Openprovider.

Currently supported TLDs

For each of these TLDs the procedure is similair.

You, as the requester, will have to prove that you represent (or are) the registrant. This can generally be proven by showing identification of the administrative contact and including a copy of your business registration documents.

Due to the manual processing and the increased costs we are invoiced by the registries, it will not be cheap to restore a domain from quarantine. In almost all cases it is cheaper to restore the domain at the current registrar, pay for a year's renewal and transfer the domain to Openprovider.

This procedure is aimed at situations where the relationship between the registrant and the registrar is disturbed in such a way that regular procedures can no longer help.

For more information on specific pricing and expected recovery time, please contact our support department at

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