Customize transfer confirmation e-mails to end users (FOA)

Any transfer of a generic top level domain (gTLD) needs to be approved by the domain owner or administrative contact via a link that he receives by e-mail. This e-mail is called "Form of Authorization", in short FOA. The FOA is pre-defined by ICANN, but allows for a bit of customization. This is done via the reseller control panel, page Account > Settings > FOA branding. The following elements can be customized:

  • Subject of the e-mail. You can write it in your own language, make it less formal, or any other change. You can add the domain name in it by using the variable %%domain%%. An example might be:
    Important: approve the transfer of %%domain%%
  • From address. Use your support department's e-mail address here, for example. Any valid e-mail address is allowed.
  • URL to terms and conditions. If you want to link to your own terms and conditions, you can provide the URL.
  • Confirmation link. In the e-mail, a link is included that the end user can click to confirm the transfer. As this requires some additional information, a separate article is created for that.
  • Reseller name. If you do not want to use your own reseller name, provide here another name.

You can review the changes immediately in the example e-mails below the form. If everything is according to your wishes, press the Save button.

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