Renewing a domain name

If you have selected the option to have your domain name renew automatically you will not need to worry about the registration periods, the domain names will be renewed automatically. If you have not selected the auto-renew option or your funds are insufficient, the domain name will be removed on its expiration date in Openprovider.

For some TLDs it is possible to renew them at any given period. This way you can renew further in advance, should you require this.

Starting from four weeks in advance of the expiration date in Openprovider, our systems will send you warnings about the impending renewal and the costs involved. The domain name will also appear in the queue for renewals in our control panel.

For some domains you can renew by more than one year at a time, this option will be given when renewing the domain name manually. The default setting is as low as possible, which is one year for most TLDs.

If you do not want to renew the domain name you can delete it or set it to not renew automatically before the expiration date in Openprovider.

Please review also our renewal policies.

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