Domain registration


How to register a domain? 


Registering a domain from the control panel is very easy. Please, watch this video and follow the instructions. 


As can be seen on the video, in order to register a domain you should follow these steps:

1. Go to Domain management > Domain registration.

2. Search the domain you want. You can check if it is available to be registered or if it is not free. You can also check the price.


3. Select the domain you want and click on Next

4. Select the registration period and mark if you want any additional service.


5. Add all the contacts: owner, administrative and technical. If they are not created, you can create them by clicking on the green arrow.

6. Add the name servers you want to use. If you want to use your own DNS, you must select "No nameserver group". But you can also use the Openprovider name servers if you want.


7. Once everything is completed, click on To step 3: finish order.

If the domain is correctly registered you will get a green notification informing about that. If there is any error, you will get a red notification explaining what happened.
You can always check all the Notifications (Domain actions and Payments) in Notification Center.

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