Changing the owner of a domain name


How to change the owner of a domain name?


The owner of a domain name can generally be changed through RCP by simply going to Domain Management and editing the domain owner handle. Please check the TLD documentation to check on the procedure for the domain name you are trying to trade.

Some TLDs allow to change the owner of a domain name by navigating to the domain name and clicking Edit on the top-right of the page. On the following page you can replace the owner as if you were registering a new domain and then click the Save button on the bottom-right.

Other TLDs however do not allow you to change the owner this easily, a special procedure is required in these cases. This procedure can be initiated by navigating to Trade in the control panel and inserting the domain name.

Please check our TLD documentation for the procedure concerning your trade to make sure you know what to expect.

How to update domains in a bulk from one registrant?

It is possible to change the owner of some domains at the same time from Domain management / Bulk operations. By clicking on Start New / Modify domains you will be able to add a list of domains and then update the owner in bulk.




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