Changing the owner of a domain name

The owner of a domain name can generally be changed though our control panel by simply going to Domain Management and editing the domain name. Please check the TLD documentation to check on the procedure for the domain name you are trying to trade.

Some TLDs allow you to change the owner of a domain name by simply going to the domain name and clicking 'Edit' on the top-right of the page. On the next page you can replace the owner as if you were registering a new domain and then click the Save button on the bottom-right.

Other TLDs however do not allow you to change the owner this easily, a special procedure is required in these cases. You can initiate this procedure by navigating to 'Trade' in our control panel and inserting the domain name. On the next page you can choose the new owner and possible make more modifications and then request the trade. The procedure will now be started and our system will execute the steps required. Please check our TLD documentation for the procedure concerning your trade to make sure you know what to expect.

If you can not modify the owner and are not able to start one by using the Trade window, please contact our support department.

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