I get an error that my Plesk Licenses is invalid for my installed version.

Sometimes you will have a situation where your new licenses for virtual machines is not accepted by the Plesk Panel installed on your virtual machine. This may seem very odd, but the cause is usually quite simple.

When you upload a license to your server the plesk panel will check around and attempt to find out on what kind of environment it is running. It does this by comparing the versions of your CPU, BIOS and Motherboard (and various other things) and match this to a list of known (and supported) virtual environments. If the hardware it is running on does not match the list of virtual hardware, the virtual license will be rejected.


Repeated incidents have made clear to us that this usually happens to Windows servers that have been activated using certain tools. These tools modify the hardware versions, causing the check to fail.If you are using a windows server and encounter these problems, make sure to check how you have activated the windows license. If a tool has been used you will have a few options;

  • Change the descriptions of the hardware back to their original values (only recommended for very advanced server administrators)
  • Reinstall the server and activate the license in a way that does not change the descriptions
  • Get a license for a dedicated machine, these will work on all environments.
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