My Plesk Panel tells me my license will expire soon, but I paid for the full period!

The expiration date of the license in your Plesk Panel or other Odin (Parallels) product is set by Odin (Parallels), and will always be a few months, independent of the period that you ordered in Openprovider. This does not mean the license expires at that date, but that Odin (Parallels) will retrieve an up-to-date key from the server. That way, you always have the most recent keys installed.

Licenses ordered at Openprovider which are renewed correctly, do not expire unless you explicitly request so. You can safely ignore the expiration date in your Odin (Parallels) software.

From experience the most usual causes for your Panel to warn you about an expiry are the following;

  • You have disabled the cron to automatically retrieve the key periodically, this results in a license not getting the new version (with a longer validity)
  • You are using another license and did not replace it with the new one
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