Differences in Plesk types and editions

When requesting a Plesk license you can choose between different types of licenses. In this article you can find information about all the options that you have.

When talking about Plesk licenses you can choose different versions (Plesk 12x, Plesk 12 Onyx, etc.) but also different types (dedicated server, VPS, Virtuozzo).
Below you can find a short description about these types:


  • Dedicated server: As its name already says, you will have to choose this option if you want to install the license on a 'dedicated server'. So basically if you own the server and it is not shared with other services. 


  • VPS: This is the option that you should choose if your services are on a shared hosting or also known as virtual server not running in Virtuozzo (for example OpenVZ, VMware or Xen).


  • Virtuozzo containers: This is also a solution for virtual machines. Virtuozzo delivers a converged virtual infrastructure platform that enables service providers and enterprises to leverage containers, virtual machines, and software-defined storage with backups, image management, and automation tools — all in a single solution. Benefit from the computing and efficiency benefits of production-ready containers, while implementing an integrated virtualization solution that includes VMs and new approaches to storage that will drive costs down.


Plesk 12.x and Plesk Onyx are shipped in four editions optimized for specific needs:

  • Plesk Web Admin SE - Similar to standard Web Admin Edition but available only on Amazon LightSail.

  • Plesk Web Admin Edition for Web Admins, who manage sites for an employer, a business, or for themselves. They want simple website and domain management without all of the service provider overhead, like management of customers, resellers or subscriptions.

  • Plesk Web Pro Edition for Web Professionals, who design, develop, and deploy their websites. They want a simple way to manage their customers' websites, including their growing use of WordPress as a CMS platform.

  • Plesk Web Host Edition for "Traditional" Web Hosters, who allow their customers to use their shared account in almost any configuration they want. They want secure WordPress and domain management tools to support their multi-tenant, "install anything" customers.

Each edition has features that are in demand by a particular group and is defined by license key.

A matrix with all features can be found here



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