Procedures at transfer or cancellation

The DNS management of Openprovider may only be used for domains that are registered in the Openprovider account of the reseller. This means that Openprovider will periodically check all DNS zones, deleting zones when necessary. This checks of course take care of domains that are not yet active in your Openprovider reseller account.

The criteria of Openprovider are:

    • The zone of a domain that has gone out of Openprovider for more than 48 hours, for example due to a deletion or outgoing transfer, will be deleted.
    • The zone of a domain that has been updated to non-Openprovider nameservers more than 48 hours ago, will be deleted.
    • The zone of a domain that has the status FAI, PEN or REJ for more than 28 days, will be deleted.

Internal transfers
When you transfer a domain within Openprovider to another reseller, using in both reseller accounts the DNS service of Openprovider, the DNS zone of the new requestor will be put temporarily into a shadow system. As soon as the internal transfer is finished, the DNS zone is copied to the active nameservers.
This means that nameserver checks will not show the correct results, for the new requestor! Only after finishing the internal transfer, the new zone will become active.
After 28 days, without finished transfer, the DNS zone will be deleted from the shadow system without notification.
A DNS zone in the shadow system will be shown in italic in the overview of DNS zones. Also, the domain details show a warning. A shadow zone cannot be edited - it is only possible to delete the zone.

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