How to use Openprovider's nameservers?

You can use the nameservers of Openprovider as master nameserver (usual configuration), or as a slave nameserver.

Openprovider as master nameserver

When requesting a domain, you can choose to use the Openprovider nameservers.

In the case that a DNS zone for the respective domain does not yet exist, the zone will be created automatically based on the template you have selected.

Of course you can choose to create a DNS zone first using the DNS management tools of Openprovider. If you do so, our system will not create a new zone but use the one previously created.

Openprovider as slave nameserver

Because synchronizing the Openprovider nameserver with your nameservers can take up to a minute, it is not possible to create a slave zone immediately at the domain request. This would result in error messages from the various registries.

Therefore, it is necessary to create a slave zone first in the DNS management tools of Openprovider.

In your domain request, the nameserver of Openprovider has to be included besides your own nameservers as with

In the DNS management console, you can also check whether the master nameserver has been configured correctly.

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