Terms and conditions DNS management Openprovider

The use of the DNS management in Openprovider is bound to the following terms and conditions:

    • The nameservers of Openprovider may only be used for domains that are, or will be, registered in the account of the reseller in Openprovider. Openprovider will check this requirement periodically.
    • After a nameserver change, outgoing transfer or cancellation of a domain, causing the domain either be out of the nameservers of Openprovider, or no longer being registered in the reseller's Openprovider account, the DNS zone will be deleted automatically following the criteria elsewhere in this FAQ ().
    • To be able to guarantee a correct DNS service, it is allowed only temporarily to have records with a TTL lower than 1 day.

The general terms and conditions of Openprovider also count for the service of DNS managment.

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