Can I forward a domain to another domain?

We do not support forwarding (yet), however there is a workaround in which you can forward your domain on DNS level.

You can forward your domain through DNS with a CNAME record. 
A CNAME record forwards your (sub)domain to another (sub)domain. 




Please take note that using this method of forwarding prevents other records from being read, since a CNAME takes priority over all other records on that (sub)domain.



So how can you use this as a forward? Let's say you want to forward to You can use the CNAME like so:  CNAME


However, this means that only is forwarded to If people go to they are not forwarded, since subdomains aren't forwarded. 

You can remedy this by adding another CNAME:  CNAME


This will make sure the will be forwarded to which in turn will be forwarded to

Of course you can also forward to, but if you ever need to update the forwarder, you'll need to update two records in stead of one. 







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