Step 3 - Increase your balance

 If you want to able to register a domain name or order any product you will need available balance in your account. Openprovider works with a prepaid balance. The advantage of this is that you will never need to wait for payments to be processed when ordering products.

On the top-right you can see your currently available balance.



If your balance is insufficient you can increase it by navigating through the menu and selecting 'Financial' which can be found under 'Account'. Alternatively, you can click the green text of your balance on the top-right from any page on our website.

There are multiple ways to increase your balance, with a minimum payment of 20 of your chosen currency.


  • Online Payment

An online payment are generally processed realtime. You can choose to pay by creditcard or iDeal. The maximum payment of an online payment is 1.000. If you want to increase your balance by more than 1.000, you will need to do a bank transfer.

  • Bank transfer

If you wish to do a bank transfer you will receive a payment description from our systems. Please make sure to mention this number when making your payment. Failure to mention this number will result in your payment being transferred back automatically after three days.

Due to the payment description it's also important to initiate a new payment in our systems every time you increase your balance. A payment description can not be re-used, as our systems will have this transaction labelled as finished and will result in your money being transferred back automatically after three days.

A bank transfer will take at least a business day. Depending on the banks involved it can take up to five days for the payment to be processed, transferring from abroad will take longer for example.


Once your payment is done you will receive a payment confirmation by email for use in your financial administration. Do note that you will not receive an invoice for your payment as described in this article;


Step 4 - Creating a customer

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