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Many customers want to transfer a domain name to us but are a little unsure on how to do it.  In fact it is very easy!

Please watch the video or read the steps below.

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In this article we will explain how to transfer a .uk domain (which is the same process that applies to the transfer of any other .uk domains, like, or

A transfer of a .uk domain is initiated like any other transfer and can take up to 45 days, depending on the co-operation of the current provider. Below are the general steps to transfer a domain:

  1. Request the transfer in your Openprovider Control panel. Without an active incoming transfer request, our system will not accept the incoming transfer!
  2. Contact your current provider and request to change the so-called IPS tag from the domain to REGISTRAR-EU.
  3. Once the current provider has changed the IPS tag of the domain the transfer will be completed.

Please note the following:

  • Owner: the owner may not change during the transfer process. Use a customer handle that contains data similar to that in the whois.
  • If no registrar is shown in the whois, the domain is detagged. In that case the owner can change the IPS tag himself. More information can be found on Nominets website.
  • After a transfer, the expiration date remains unchanged. The transfer will be free of charge, but take care of a possible quick renewal.
  • Any company you are transferring from may charge you a transfer/release fee. If it's more than £12 then it's cheaper to go straight to and get them to do it for you. To help lighten this unnecessary fee, Openprovider charges no fees for UK domain transfers (nor do we charge should you wish to transfer a domain from us).
  • Sometimes, a tag change is denied without obvious reason. In most cases, such a domain name may be subject to an active dispute resolution case. Please contact the domain registrant for more information, as we cannot see so.




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