What is this SYNC_RENEW transaction for .nl domains?

When your .nl domain name is renewed there is a chance that you will see a transaction pop up with the description SYNC_RENEW.

This transaction is created because the .nl registry (SIDN) has switched to a new billing model where the renewal is based on an expiration date. In previous years there was no expiration date and the .nl domains were simply active until we deleted them. The new expration date is based on the registration date of the domain name (for domains registered in 2013 or later) or based on the end of the current quarter (for domains registered before 2013).

Before this change we did not have the expiration date to determine the exact date that the domain name would renew. In many cases the expiration date of .nl domains was simply a guess based on some factors. This has lead to a situation where many domains have a different expiration date at the registry than what we have set in our database.

We are now able to retrieve the correct expiration date and will have to synchronise these dates with our systems to ensure that we do not have differences between the registry and ourselves. The first fase will consist of synchronising domains that nearly have a correct expiration date, those of 1 month difference or less.

Because of this synchronisation  you will see that some of your .nl domain names will get a new expiration dte. In many cases the expiration date will be moved towards the end of the month. We will calculate the correction at the time of the renewal of the domain. This means that you will have a renewal of the domain name that is slightly more than one year.

It is important to note that you will pay a small transaction more this time to get to the right expiration date, but this is not an additional price for the domain name. The expiration date is moved slightly and you pay a fraction of the yearly cost to match the new expiration date. This transaction is labeled with SYNC_RENEW.


If you have any further questions regarding this procedure, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support department.

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