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A trade of a .es domain name requires manual action from the owner's side. In this manual we will describe and show how to start a .es trade.


First you will need a contact handle of the new owner of the domain name. You can create this in our control panel under Customer management.

When the contact is created contact our support department and tell them that you wish to trade a .es domain name. They will create an account at the registry for the purpose of this trade.

Please note: It is important to double-check your registration or identification numbers. A mismatch may cause trouble later on!

At the time that we create the contact handle a mail will be sent to the emailadres that is listed in the handle. This email contains the password required to accept the trade later in the process.

Now that the first step is done, it is time to gain access to the account of the current registrant.

The trade can be started from the control panel of the registry. To start the trade, the credentials of the current owner are required. If these are known, you can skip the next few steps. Usually these credentials are unknown to the owner and they will need to be retrieved.

Navigate to the website of the registry, Click on 'Manage your domain' and then click 'Retrieve your password'.

Please note: The registry only translated part of their website. From now on the user interface will be in Spanish!

Insert the handle that you want to retrieve the password for, enter the CAPTCHA and click 'Continuar'.

If the CAPTCHA was accepted and the handle is good you will see 'La contraseña de acceso le llegará a su cuenta de correo'. This means everything went ok!

Your password will arrive in the mailbox of the current owner very soon.


Now that you have access to the account of the current owner it is time to start the trade.

To log in on the registry website, please naviage to and click 'Authentificarse' to log in.

You will now see an overview of all domains in this account, here is a screenshot as an example.



Click on 'Editar' to check if all the registered details of the current owner are still valid. It is important that these values match up as they are checked later in the process. Take extra care to check the fields for registration/passport number. A mistake in these values may result in your trade being declined due to not being able to verify the current owner of the domain name.

If you modified any information of the current owner, make sure to follow the instructions to upload proof of the changes you made. This is likely a copy of the passport of the current owner.


Once everything has been checked you can initiate the trade by clicking on 'Solicitud Transmisión de dominio'. On the next page there is some fields to fill in.




  • 'Introducir dominios': Here you can enter the domain name you wish to trade. If multiple domains will be traded, you can add these by clicking the button with the +.
  • If you have a very high number of domains to trade, click 'Cargar fichero con nombres de dominio'.
  • 'Titular nuevo': Here you can enter the nic-handle that was generated by the Openprovider support team. This is the account number of the new registrant at
  • 'PCA Nuevo': Here you can enter the new administrative contactperson. This is a different handle than the owner since the administrative contact can not be a company. The new handle for this field has also been given to you by the Openprovider support team.




After filling in the necessary fields and contactpersons you will be asked to upload some documents to proof existence of the new domain owner. This is normally an extract of the chamber of commerce in case of a company and a copy of the passport in case the new owner is a natural person.

After selecting the files click on 'ADJUNTAR' to upload the files. After this you will be required to enter a CAPTHA and you can click 'Continuar' to continue.




On the next page you will be presented with the terms and conditions which can be accepted by clicking on 'Tramiticion sin DNIe/Certificate (Debe adjuntar fotocopia de se documento de identidad)'.




The final step to initiate the trade is by proving you are the current owner of the domain name. This will be done by uploading some documents to prove your existence as a company or as a person.


Once you are done uploading these files you will see the following text on your screen:

'Acción realizada correctamente. La petición queda pendiente de que el nuevo PCA acepte la transmisión'.

This text means that everything was received and that will evaluate the documents you have supplied.


Once all documents have been verified an email will be dispatched to the new owner of the domain name, who will then be able to select it by clicking the link in the email and logging in using the credentials that were received at the beginning of this process.

Please note: When approving the trade, make sure that you insert '' as the registrar! If this is not done, the domain will transfer to the registry and will no longer be registered at Openprovider.


Once all documents have been verified and the PCA has approved of the trade, please contact our support department to make sure that the domain name is also updated correctly in your Openprovider account.


Should you encounter any difficulties during the trading of your domain name, please don't hesitate to contact our support department.

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