Can I include common typos in my trademark order?


Can I include common typos in my trademark order?


Apart from the exact match of your trademark, the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) also recognizes abused names like deliberate typos and misspellings. Suppose your company name is Example and in the past somebody abused your name by registering Examp1e (with a number "1" instead of the letter "L") in a certain extension. If there has been a UDRP decision in the trademark holder's favor for that domain, you might be eligible to include that misspelling in your TMCH order. Up to 50 of such additional labels might be added and additional costs apply.

Those additional labels are not applicable for Sunrise registrations, but will receive any trademark claims notification if somebody else tries to register that typosquatted name.

Please contact our Support department with information about the trademark and the typos to add as a label if you have any trademark including abused variants.

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