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What information is required for a Trademark Clearinghouse registration?

The TMCH requires the following data:

  • Name of the mark

  • Registration number and registration date

  • Jurisdiction

  • Description of goods and services class

  • Detailed description of goods and services*

  • Status of the Trademark Holder (owner/licensee/assignee)

  • Organization (in case of company/organization) or Full name (in case of individual)

  • Address of the Trademark Holder

  • Contact information of the Trademark Holder

The following data is optional:

  • Application number

  • Application date

  • Expiration date

If you want to apply for Sunrise services or Claims notification, you also need:

  • Signed declaration of use

  • Single sample of proof

Please refer to the TMCH Guidelines section 2.2.2 ( for detailed descriptions of these data elements.

* The detailed description of goods and services should be in the language as on the trademark certificate. If sub classes have been excluded, they need to be put between square brackets ( [...] ).

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