What information is in the new gTLD CSV file?

From the Openprovider control panel or from the public website you can download a CSV file that contains all up-to-date information about the new gTLDs. The information included is similar to the information in the table on the public website. This CSV file allows you to automatically read the new gTLD details and include them in your own systems or on your own website.

The global structure of the file is as follows:

  • First, the extensions with active Sunrise, Landrush or other launch phase are listed, including all dates and pricing information.
  • Secondly, the extensions for which the registry made a good estimate are listed; only the expected Sunrise date is included, no pricing information.
  • Finally the TLDs for which no information is known yet are listed, in order to give you a complete overview of which extensions are expected.

The file columns are the following:

  • tld: the extension; in case of an IDN in its original notation
  • idn: the converted extension, required in case of an IDN
  • dateEst: Sunrise start date (if no Sunrise data, tentative date)
  • currency: currency of all prices
  • sunriseStart: start date and time (UTC) of Sunrise
  • sunriseEnd: end date and time (UTC) of Sunrise
  • sunrisePrice: Sunrise prices (see explanation below)
  • sunriseAssign: assign method for Sunrise applications
  • sunriseNotes: additional notes for Sunrise
  • landrushStart: start date and time (UTC) of Landrush
  • landrushEnd: end date and time (UTC) of Landrush
  • landrushPrice: Landrush prices (see explanation below)
  • landrushAssign: assign method for Landrush applications
  • landrushNotes: additional notes for Landrush. If the registry runs an Early Access Program, full details are included here (start, end and price of each phase)
  • gaStart: start date and time (UTC) of General Availability
  • gaPrice: General Availabiltiy prices (see explanation below)
  • gaNotes: additional notes for General Availabiltiy
  • claimsEnd: end date and time (UTC) of Trademark Claims notification
  • notes: additional notes, independent of launch phase
  • lastChanged: the date at which this line changed last; as this parameter was introduced on the 26th of August 2015, this is the earliest possible date

Dates and times

Times are in UTC. Although we closely follow all registry announcements, dates and times may be subject to change at any moment.


The price fields contain a list of prices that cover all price tiers; in fact it is a comma separated list again. The first value is tier 1, the last tier 8. If a value contains two prices, the first one is the non-refundable application fee, the second one is the registration fee (which is subject to refund if the registration is not completed). Application fees are always a one-time fee; registration fees are always annually.

Example: consider this set of prices for a Sunrise:


This set of prices means the following:

  • If you are in tier 1, the non-refundable application fee is 90, the registration fee is 31 per year
  • If you are in tier 2, the non-refundable application fee is 90, the registration fee is 30 per year
  • If you are in tier 3, the non-refundable application fee is 90, the registration fee is 29 per year
  • ...
  • If you are in tier 8 (Gold), the non-refundable application fee is 90, the registration fee is 24 per year
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