What are the advantages of "Protected Marks Lists" (DPML/TREx)?

This article explains the trademark protection services that are available through Openprovider: the DPML (Domains Protected Marks List) of portfolio registry Donuts and the TREx (Trademark Registry Exchange) of the Trademark Clearinghouse. This article lists the details of each service, including the covered extensions and pricing.

This article contains the following sections:

General introduction

As a trademark holder, you may want to protect your name throughout numerous extensions, to prevent others from registering a domain in your name. This is a time consuming and costly exercise. A "protected marks list" service simplifies this exercise by blocking the trademark name in a number of extensions in just one single order at a price that is much lower than registering every domain separately.

We call this a "block". If the trademark name is "Openprovider" and you order a "block" on this trademark name, the respective registries will make all included domains with the name "openprovider" unavailable for registration, e.g. and This implies that the domain is unavailable for the trademark holder as well! He cannot use it - it's just reserved.

Of course, in case the trademark holder wants to start using a specific domain, he can "override" the block. The domain name will then be released to the trademark holder.

In all cases, a valid and verified trademark is required. Verification must have been done by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). The SMD file that the trademark holder gets from the TMCH serves as the leading input for the Protected Marks List order. Each of the labels in the SMD file can serve as name to be blocked. During the full period of the Protected Marks List order, the trademark must remain verified; if not, the block may be cancelled.

Summary of services

Service Number of
Period (years) Price Average price
per domain
Override fee Variants allowed
DPML 241 5 $6.000 $4,98 $0,00 Yes, separate orders
DPML Plus 241 10 $12.000 $4,98 $0,00 Yes, 3 included (more at additional fee)
TREx 40 1 $299 $7,48 $0,00 No 

For the widest coverage, DPML can be combined with TREx. If you are interested in ordering a DPML or TREx block, please contact your account manager via They will inform you about the required information.

If you have a Supreme Membership, please contact us for your discounted prices.

Donuts' DPML

Registry Donuts is the world's largest portfolio registry, managing more than 240 domain extensions. As soon as Donuts acquires an additional extension, it will be added to their DPML (Domains Protected Marks List) automatically.

Apart from the exact match of the trademark name, DPML can also be ordered for a term that includes that trademark name. The following table lists the options:

Trademark DPML term Valid? Reason
Visa visa valid Exact match of trademark
Visa myvisacard valid Contains exact match of trademark
Vis myvisacard invalid Contains exact match of trademark, but the trademark contains only 3 characters; only an exact match is accepted for 3-character trademarks
Vis vis valid Is an exact match of the 3-character trademark
VI vi invalid Trademarks with only 1 or 2 characters are not accepted

Each term counts as a separate DPML order. Premium and already registered domain names will not be included in the block.

Homograph protection

Donuts does not only protect the exact term that you specify. In addition, Donuts finds all Unicode characters which are confusingly similar to characters in the protected name (so-called homographs), and block all these variants as well. For example, a phisher may use the domain name gοο which looks legitimate - until you discover that the two O’s are actually Cyrillic characters. Hard to spot, even if you are trained to look for it.

This feature is enabled on all DPML orders, also the ones that were ordered before its introduction in September 2018.


As a DPML block owner, you can at any moment override (start using) a domain that is included in the block. Contact us if you want to override one of your own names.

If you are not the DPML block owner, but you own a (verified) trademark that exactly matches the blocked term, you can override someone else's DPML block by submitting the SMD file. Contact us for more information.

No additional fees are charged for overrides.

Donuts' DPML Plus

The DPML Plus service of Donuts is an extension to the basic DPML service. The differences are the following:

  • The validity period is 10 years
  • The price is different
  • The exact match of the trademark plus 3 additional labels; a label being a term that includes the trademark name (as illustrated in the table above) or a common misspelling of the trademark name
  • Additional labels (without maximum) can be added at a price of $1.700 each
  • Premium names will be included in the block, as long as they have not been registered yet
  • Overrides by other parties with the same trademark are not allowed unless the DPML Plus block owner explicitly consents

Trademark Clearinghouse's TREx

TREx is a joint effort between the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and several registries, including portfolio registry MMX and many geographical extensions. At the moment of introduction in 2018, TREx covers 40 extensions. The TMCH is actively connecting to other registries and aims at annual updates of the TREx coverage.

Within TREx, only exact matches of the trademark name can be blocked. Each registry may exclude certain terms from the TREx service, for example premium names or registry reserved names. Before placing a TREx order, we will inform you about the exact list of covered extensions.


To override a blocked term (which can be done by the block owner or the holder of another trademark with the same name), you will receive a regular authorization code that you can use to transfer the domain to a registrar of your preference.

Covered extensions

At the moment of writing, these are the lists with covered extensions. We aim at regular updates of this page.

Donuts DPML and DPML Plus TMCH TREx

.企业 (.xn--vhquv, "enterprise")
.商店 (.xn--czrs0t, "shop, store")
.娱乐 (.xn--fjq720a, "entertainment")
.游戏 (.游戏, "games")

Geographical extensions

Generic extensions


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