Which MX records should I use?


Which MX records should I use?


To use the SpamExperts spam filtering, you need to include the following MX records in your DNS zone for the domain:

  • mx.spamexperts.com (priority 10)
  • fallbackmx.spamexperts.eu (priority 20)
  • lastmx.spamexperts.net (priority 30)


The priorities are incremental. Because the mail servers have been set up using the Round Robin method, the load will be distributed evenly about the servers. Differing priorities is one of the algorithms SpamExperts uses to distinguish spam from legal e-mail.

Be sure that you never add your own MX record(s) together with the SpamExperts records: this will result in only partial filtering of the e-mail, and not remove spam completely!


If you still use our solution where you have a bundle of domains instead of separate domains, you will need to use the following MX records;

  • primary.mail.registrar.eu (priority 10)
  • fallback.mail.registrar.eu (priority 20)
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