What payment methods does Openprovider accept?

Openprovider accepts the following payment methods via our third party payment provider Adyen:

  • Credit card: realtime, but a maximum amount applies. Supported credit cards are Visa, Eurocard Mastercard and American Express. The additional credit card fee is charged to your account.
  • iDeal: a Dutch realtime payment method, supported by most Dutch banks. This payment method is free of charge and no maximum applies.
  • Wire transfer / Bank transfer: an offline payment method, where you order your bank to send a certain amount to Openprovider. No maximum applies. Notes:
    • Prepare for a processing time of 2 to 5 business days, depending on your country and your bank. If you urgently need to top up your balance, consider a credit card or iDeal payment.
    • Both the amount as the payment reference that you get after initiating the payment should exactly match!
    • If these data do not match or the payment is done more than 30 days after it is initiated, our payment provider will no longer accept the payment and return the money to the sender. A new payment order needs to be initiated in that case.

Western Union
We faced some cases in which neither of the above options was possible. For customers having no credit card and no bank account, we can activate a payment via Western Union upon request. The minimum amount to pay is € 500. After activation, initiate the payment via the reseller control panel and follow the instructions shown on your screen.

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