How do I increase my balance at Openprovider?

By clicking through the menu and navigating to 'Account' -> 'Financial' you can increase your balance. When depositing funds you have several options depending on your location and account settings.

  • Online payment: An online payment is realtime in most cases. For example you can make a payment by iDeal or creditcard. The maximum of an online payment is 1.000 Euro. If you wish to deposit more than this you will need to do a bank transfer.
  • Bank transfer: If you choose to do a bank transfer you will be given an unique identifier. Please make sure to put this identifier in the payment description, or we will not be able to match the payment to your account. If your payment can not be processed it will be refunded automatically in three days after receiving the payment. Please note that the code given to you when starting a bank transfers is only valid for 3 months.

A bank transfer will take at least one day and can, depending on the bank, take up to five days. Especially international payments can take a bit longer to be processed.

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