Information about .CA domains reported as "Abusive"


The process that a.CA Registrant can follow to provide evidence if they have received a notification from the registry regarding abuse on their domain is outlined in the following article.


CIRA, the registry of .CA domains, actively monitors abuse on registered and active .CA domains.

When a domain is identified as phishing or used for malicious purposes, CIRA sends an email directly to the registrant of the domain name, notifying them about this.


The email body is somewhat like:

Please read the following carefully – your .CA domain name(s) could be suspended.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has received complaints of malicious activity associated with a domain(s).

We have initiated an audit process to verify the information pertaining to the following:

Domain Name(s)*:


Registrant Name:


Please note there may be more than one domain name associated with this registrant.


How can the domain registrant validate his/her data directly at the registry?

What is considered acceptable documentation?

CIRA provides a list of acceptable documents that you can provide to validate frequently used Canadian presence categories.

The documentation provided to CIRA will be used solely for the purpose of this audit. Once the validation process is finalized, CIRA will destroy the submitted documentation. Personal information such as birth dates or passport numbers may be redacted when providing your documentation.

Transferring domains to another Registrant

Please note that during the process of verifying this information, all .CA domain name(s) associated with the registrant contact ID will be restricted.
The registrant will not be able to transfer or make any updates to the contact information until this process has been successfully completed.

What happens if documentation is not received?

If the requested documentation is not received prior to the deadline mentioned in the email, your .CA domain name registration(s) will be suspended.
This means that any email addresses or websites associated with the domain name(s) will no longer function. The domain name(s) will remain suspended for a period of 30 days, after which CIRA may delete your .CA domain name registration(s).

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