Migration of email account

At this time, we are pleased to offer an IMAP synchronization tool to facilitate the migration of email accounts. This tool can be accessed via the following URL: IMAPSync Tool.

Process for Migration:

  • Access the IMAPSync Tool:

    • Visit the provided URL to access the IMAP synchronization tool.
  • Initiate Migration:

    • The IMAPSync tool enables you or your customers to migrate all emails seamlessly from "Location A" to "Location B".

Benefits of IMAPSync Tool:

  • Effortless Migration: This tool simplifies the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition of emails between locations without encountering significant issues.

  • Comprehensive Transfer: All emails from the specified source ("Location A") are securely migrated to the designated destination ("Location B") without data loss.


  • User Responsibility: While we provide access to the IMAPSync tool, it's the responsibility of the user or customer to perform the migration process using the tool.

  • Tool Details: The tool offered is not managed or operated by us. Please refer to the documentation or instructions provided within the IMAPSync tool for guidance on its usage and functionality.

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