Newsletter June 2023


Upcoming price changes

Check the newsfeed in the control panel for an overview of upcoming domain price changes. You can find the newsfeed in the top right corner of the control panel.

New features on the website and in the control panel

Manage my subscriptions

In the past month, we have implemented several new features, updates and bug fixes to the website and control panel.

  • You can now buy EasyDMARC and manage your existing EasyDMARC subscriptions straight from the new DMARC section in the main menu.
  • You are now able to regenerate 2FA codes by navigating to Account → Security → Two factor authentication.
  • You can now top up your account balance using the URL of the “Add money” page. For example, you can go to to add €20 to your account.
  • The use of special characters (< > | , " ' `) is now allowed in account passwords.
  • Google reCAPTCHA has been added to all domain registrations done through the website.
  • The 404 error page in the control panel has a new, responsive design.
  • Using the same promo code twice or using a website promo code in the control panel will now result in an error
  • A bug causing the control panel to automatically reload on the pricing page has been fixed. 
  • The menu translation has been updated for Dutch and Spanish.
  • The company address has been updated on all emails and invoices sent from the control panel.


Meet Team Openprovider: Ksenia

Have you ever been curious to meet the people behind the domains? Every month, we are introducing you to various members of our global, fully remote team through a short interview. This time, we are introducing you to Ksenia (35), our Senior Recruiter.

Click here to read the full interview with Ksenia.


The i2Coalition is making the Internet a better place

The Internet Infrastructure Coalition, better known as the i2Coalition, is a group of leading Internet companies that work together to advocate for policies that promote the global growth and development of the Internet. The coalition was formed in 2015 and is made up of over 75 member companies, including some of the biggest names in the tech industry such as Google, Amazon, GoDaddy, and Verisign.

Openprovider wholeheartedly supports the endeavors of the i2Coalition. As a domain registrar and a member of the i2Coalition, we see this work as essential to ensure that the Internet continues to thrive and benefit our customers, as well as the broader digital community. As a “people first” company, we believe it is vital for registrars to be involved in the community of the domain industry and work together.

Read more about the mission and work of the i2Coalition on our blog.


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