Making changes after the SSL has been issued


The SSL has been issued, but I want to make changes. Is that possible?



There can situations when you realize after the SSL has been issued (delivered), that a mistake was made. In some cases, you will have the option to make changes via a reissue.
Examples of those scenarios are:

- I forgot to add the WWW domain in the order.

- I forgot to store the Private key during the order process.

- I want to add or remove SAN domain(s) in my multidomain SSL. Please note that adding extra domains will be charged during the reissue request, removing domains will not result in a refund.



In some scenarios, a reissue can not resolve the problem. The only option is to cancel the SSL (See SSL refund policy) and start the order again.
Examples of those scenarios are:

- I ordered the SSL for the wrong domain.

- I used the wrong handle for the validation.

- I ordered the wrong type of SSL (DV instead of OV for example).

- I used the wrong CSR in my order.



It can happen that a certain handle / contact person is attached to your SSL orders, which can not validate the order anymore (for example - this person has left the company).
Unfortunately, this can not be updated in existing issued SSL Certificates.

The only option to update a handle or contact person for SSL Certificates, is waiting until the order reaches it final expiration date, disable the auto renewal and start a new request with the new details.



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