Portfolio Consolidation - Automated / bulk transfer options


Which (bulk)transfer options are available?


There are several transfer-methods available when wanting to consolidate the domain-portfolio.
Transfers can be done by:

*Openprovider offers an automated "robot" transfer system, which can save lots of time, money, and effort when consolidating your domain portfolio. Whether you want to transfer a few domains or many thousands into your Openprovider account, our "transfer robots" might be able to help you. The system supports many of the top registrars, and hundreds of the gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs. You can find the supported registrars in the RCP.
Contact support@openprovider.com for more information about this transfer option.

**In case all options above are not suitable for the domain-portfolio transfers, Openprovider support department may be able to help out. We can provide a CSV template (see link below in this article) where all data can be collected which can be processed and imported by the Openprovider support team. In this CSV you can insert the nameservers, handle details, transfer-codes and even a desired transfer date (optional)
After all data is added in the sheet, you can sent this to  support@openprovider.com (please include your resellerID in the email) and our team will process it further.





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