Allowing End User Access to the SSL Panel

This article describes how you as a reseller can configure access to the SSL Panel for your customers. As a result you will significantly reduce the support load for SSL certificate operations, by allowing the SSL Panel to guide your customers through the issuing process. The SSL Panel‘s url is brand neutral( and there is no mention of Openprovider anywhere in the user interface. So you can present yourself as an independent provider to your customers.

The SSL purchasing process has two parts: ordering in your billing solution and issuing through the SSL Panel.

Functionality available to the end user in the SSL Panel

  1. Edit contact data inside an open certificate.
  2. Request a certificate.
  3. Choose DV(domain validation) method.
  4. Change confirmation email address.
  5. Resend confirmation email.

Functionality available only to reseller and hidden from end user

  1. Cancel a certificate, so another one can be requested using the same order.
  2. Cancel order
  3. Paid or billing operations such as Reissue or Renew
  4. Chat with CA

Integrating end user access via API

  1. Get a temporary token for a particular SSL certificate order in the SSL Panel via the method generateOtpTokenSslCertRequest
  2. Use the token and the url from the response, you can generate a final url for end user access using this format:<token from generateOtpTokenSslCertRequest>


Multi language support for end Users

The SSL Panel user interface currently supports four languages: English, Spanish, Dutch and Russian. We can add support for any additional languages for which you are able to provide translations.

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