Adding a wildcard into a multidomain SSL order


How to add wildcard into a multidomain product?


It is possible to add a wildcard domain in an SSL order.

This is only possible for DV + OV SSL certificates.

Products for Comodo / Sectigo: PositiveSSL MDC and UCC.

A wildcard (* can only be added as SAN domain.
Impossible to add a wildcard domain (* as the common name in the request.

An order can look like:

  • Common name:
  • Extra domains (SAN) : *

Reissue with adding new wildcards can only be requested using Reseller Control Panel.
Move to SSL Panel, open order then click "Reissue".

You will be redirected to Reseller Control Panel to SSL Orders overview from where you can request reissue.


If you would like to have a sub-subdomain wildcard certificate then this is possible with a Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) certificate.
For example: *



Single domain certificates secure both www and non www version of the domain. But the multidomain certificate is NOT automatically valid for both. So both versions (www and non www version of the domain) needs to be added separately to the certificate.

In case you add a wildcard (* in the multidomain order, the www. is considered a subdomain so this is covered by the wildcard domain and does not need to be added as extra SAN in the order. The base domain however does need to be added as separate SAN.



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