Adding a wildcard in a multidomain SSL request

It is possible to add a wildcard domain in an SSL order.
there are a few point to consider when ordering this option:


1) This is only possible for DV + OV SSL certificates.

Products for Symantec that support wildcard domain:  Secure Site, Secure Site Pro, Web Server,  TrueBusiness ID (W/SAN)

Products for Comodo: PositiveSSL MDC and UCC

2) A wildcard (* can only be added as SAN domain. It is not possible to enter a wildcard domain (* as the common name in the request.

So an order can look like:

Common name:

Extra domains (SAN) : *

3) This can only be requested via the Old order Wizard of Openprovider.
Please go to "order new SSL" and in the top right corner you see "old wizard"

4) An extra fee of $ 60 per year,- will be added after the purchase had been done for each wildcard domain you added in the request. This is not automatically added during the order process, but will be invoiced later.







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