How to transfer a domain name from Enom to Openprovider

This article describes how to transfer a domain from Enom to Openprovider. This is called an incoming transfer because the new registrar will be Openprovider. This article starts with a general process, applicable to most domains, and is followed by exceptions for specific extensions or cases. Feel free to ask your questions at the bottom of this article!

The steps are described as if you have access to the Enom account. If not, it is your customer who should follow those steps.

Specific information on each extension's transfer process can be found in our extension database.

This article contains the following sections:

The general process

1. Check the domain's e-mail addresses. For many extensions (for example all gTLDs like .com and .net), the transfer process includes an e-mail to the registrant and/or administrative contact. Check if those e-mail addresses are still up to date:

  • Search for the domain name in your Enom account
  • Go to the "Contact Information" page and review the data
  • Important: if you intend to change the owner's name, company name or e-mail address for a domain ending on .com, .net or another gTLD, be sure to understand the process. You can easily lock a domain for 60 more days if you change the e-mail address too easily!


2. Unlock the domain name (if applicable). If a domain is locked (status clientTransferProhibited), the registry will refuse a transfer. Unlock the domain by:

  • Search for the domain in your Enom account
  • Go to the "General Settings" page
  • Set the "Registrar-Lock" option to Disabled
  • Click "Save"


3. Retrieve the authorization code. This code is also called "Auth Info", "EPP Key" or "Transfer Key". Enom does not disclose authorization codes to its resellers: the only way to get the authorization code is by sending it to the registrant. That's why a correct registrant e-mail address (see step 1) is important!

  • On the "General Settings" page, click the link "Email Auth Info to Registrant"
  • Ask the registrant to forward the authorization code to you


4. Start the transfer in Openprovider. At this moment, you're ready to start the transfer in Openprovider:

  • Log in to your Openprovider control panel
  • Navigate to Domain Management > Transfer
  • Enter the domain name
  • In the next page, enter the authorization code that you just retrieved plus all other registration data
  • Immediately after requesting the transfer, Openprovider will send an e-mail to the domain owner and administrative contact.
  • As soon as one of those contacts approves the transfer by clicking the link in the e-mail (note: this must be done within 14 days), Openprovider will request the domain at the registry.
  • Enom will now send an e-mail to the domain holder, informing him about the outgoing transfer. The domain holder can ignore this e-mail or approve the transfer again.
  • Five days later, the transfer will be finished.
  • Unfortunately, Enom does not allow explicit approval of an outgoing transfer. That means there is no way to expedite the transfer - you always have to wait for five days. Keep that in mind when planning your transfer!

Special case: .uk transfers

.uk domains (including,, and do not support locking or authorization codes, nor does the registry send e-mails to the domain contacts. That means that you can skip the first steps of the general process. How to transfer a .uk domain?

  • Request the transfer in your Openprovider account
  • Within 7 days, log in to your Enom account
  • Search for the domain name, and navigate to the "General Settings" page
  • Here, you can assign a new "Registrar Tag" to the domain name (the so-called IPS tag). This should be REGISTRAR-EU
  • The domain will be out of your Enom account immediately, even while the actual transfer will take one to a few hours
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