Glue Records


What is a Glue Record? Can a Glue Records be created in Openprovider?


Glue Records are the entries that must be created in the registry to allow correct DNS resolution of domains whose nameserver objects comprise of the domain name itself.

Imagine that one registered the domain and then uses the same name as a nameserver to create and

The problem is that whenever one wants to access one will have to request or to resolve the address. This can become a loop without prior knowledge of the address of

The solution is Glue Records. It creates an A record to one's server so that when trying to resolve  IP.

Although Glue Records are created, you must also create the A records to the respective hosts IP ( and in the DNS zone of the domain.

As long as the domain is registered in Openprovider, you can create a Glue Record here.


IMPORTANT: With this tool one can create a Glue Record of a domain but one cannot add an IP to the nameserver. This is something that must be done from the server where the domain is hosted, not from Openprovider RCP.

Our system takes the IP of the nameserver, which appears by digging the DNS. Our system checks the nameservers' IPs several times a day, so the change is not instantaneous.

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