E-mail archiving

Incoming Mail Archiving

Activation for inbound email archiving is outstandingly simple. It requires a simple MX-record change in the DNS of the domain to these mx records.

- (priority 10)

- (priority 20) (priority 30)

All inbound email traffic will first go to SpamExperts system; a copy will be then made and stored in one or multiple storage locations. The email is next delivered to the unchanged mail infrastructure of the recipient.

Please note that the archive you buy from us is per 10gb.


Outgoing Mail Archiving

To archive outbound emails via SpamExperts, an administrator needs to redirect the outbound email traffic to SpamExperts system. This can be done by either configuring the mail server to use smtp: on port 587  and using SpamExperts archiving system as a smart host (thus, the entire mail server or only some of the domains will be archived), or by reconfiguring the settings (only selected users will be archived).

For this add the below spf record:

"v=spf1 -all"

Or add to your existing spf record.

Please note that the archive you buy from us is per 10gb.


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