"Failed security review" status for Symantec SSL certificates

The main purpose of the SSL certificate is to give a person who browses an SSL-protected website a degree of trust, a guarantee that website's owner business is legit and its company's data is genuine.

That is why Certificate Authority's systems check all of the customers' orders details for their authenticity - to eliminate any possibility that information stated in the order is false or incorrect.

The procedure usually goes as follows:

  1. The first step that Certificate Authority makes is checking the order information against internal and external fraud lists. Data that is being checked includes not only company name, but domain, administrative and technical contact details as well.
  2. In many cases Certificate Authority's system finds a match of some sort, and then order is required to be checked and reviewed manually by the CA's specialist.


Considering a large amount of different parameters that are being checked the system may flag an order for manual review for a number of reasons, ranging from a certain keyword being present in the order details, to a specific country name featured in the contact details.

It also should be noted, that you are not in full control of this process and you would not be able to completely rule out a possibility that your order fails the security review.

But you can follow these simple steps and tips to consider in order to minimize the risk of delays during the validation process:

  1. Do not use generic company names like "IT", "Company", "NA", "Blank", "None", etc. It will always cause a flag and additional delay in the issuance of your certificate.
  2. Do not use any special symbols or alphabets (aside from Latin) in your order. Stating a company name in Cyrillic or Chinese for example will result in a delay due to the fact that such orders are always manually checked by the specific language speakers. So please use Latin alphabet for all order details, if possible.
  3. Certain business types and company names (banking, finance, gambling, fortune 500 companies) are always require additional validation. In such cases, in order to speed up the process, please always have a direct employee of the enrolling company listed as the corporate contact, as Certificate Authority's specialist needs to perform a verification call.


After receiving "Failed security review" status order is manually checked by Certificate Authority's processing team, which may take some time. If you have found a mistake or incorrect information in your order or contact details, please inform us as soon as possible. Otherwise please give Certificate Authority 24 hours to complete the validation process.




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