Auto renew option for active SSL certificates

As you might know, the CA (Certificate Authority) does not allow certificates to be renewed in the same way as domainregistries allow with their domainnames.

But to make things easier, and to make sure you request the new certificate in time, we have added an auto-renew option. In the SSL overview of your control panel you can find the option "Auto Renew" (AR)

If you enable this option, we will automatically create a new SSL order for you with the same details as the old certificate, including the order period. This order will be placed 15 days before the old certificate will expire.

We will place the SSL order, but the validation which is performed by the CA, is still a necessary step before the certificate will be delivered.



Please be aware that you will receive a new certificate, which still needs to be installed with the "old" private key.


AR = Auto Renew
RN = Renew
RI = Reissue
CN = Cancel


If you do not want to use the auto renew settings, you can always start a new order in your control panel and let the old SSL expire.

If you start the order within the last 90 days of the old SSL being active, the remaining period of the SSL certificate will be added to the new certificate.





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