How to setup a outgoing spam filter

1)  Click "add new domain to filter" in the spamexpert screen in the Control panel.

2) In the next screen enter the domain name.

Select the outgoing filter.

Enter mailserver details.

3) Next setup credentials for smtp server by login in to the spamexpert filter by clicking the blue button in rcp.

4) And in spamexperts under Outgoing go to Manage users.

Here you need to setup 1 of 3 forms of authentication.

We recommend using Authenticating Domain.

Here the username will be the domainname and you can setup a password for the user.


5) Now we need to setup the SMTP of the mailserver to send mail through the filter.

outgoing server that should be configured for on port 587

And for authentication the username and pasword need to be set if authenticating domain has been chosen or authenticating user.


6) Once this has been done please make sure you update you spf to include spamexperts.

For this add the below spf record:

"v=spf1 -all"

Or add to your existing spf record.


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