WHMCS SSL plugin - Installation, configuration and management

The development of the Openprovider WHMCS SSL Module was paused.


Important Note: The module may not be compatible with the latest versions of WHMCS and PHP. We plan to resume development of the module in the future, however, we don't have an ETA at this point. You may watch the repo for updates (Click on the Watch >> Custom >> Check the 'Releases' box and click on Apply)


Supported versions

WHMCS 7.x, 8.x

Compatible with the Multibrand addon and can be used on multiple brands from one WHMCS installation.

Download and install plugin

  1. Download the plugin from here.
  2. Important: For installing the module, please follow the instructions in the README.md file

Plugin settings

  1. Once the addon files are copied to your server,  you can install the addon. From the Admin area (shown below) navigate to (1)Configuration > (2) system settings> (3) Addon modules

    You should find the Openprovider plugin in the list
  2. Activate and configure addon

    Configure the addon according to the addon custom setting fields (1) and standard WHMCS fields (2). If you want to use test URLs, make sure the !TEST! Mode box is checked. Use Save Changes button to save configuration.
    Note: Use the Openprovider login credentials as used to login in the RCP control panel

    Access credentials to use


    Openprovider API URL:  https://api.openprovider.eu
    SSL Panel URL: https://sslpanel.io
    Openprovider RCP URL: https://cp.openprovider.eu

    Your addon is now available in the admin panel menu

Openprovidersslnew addon usage

  1. Go to the Openprovider SSL Panel addon area in the Admin panel of the WHMCS menu Addons > Openprovider SSL Panel

  2. Click on Synchronize products list with Openprovider. This action downloads a full list of the products and their respective parameters from Openprovider.
  3. Click the Show products list option to check that products were downloaded successfully.

Products settings

  1. If you do not have an SSL product group, you should create it first.

    Go to Products/Services page by navigating to  Configuration >> System Settings >> Products/Services, as shown below:

    Click on Create a New Group.

    Follow steps 1-2

  2. A new group has appeared (1). Once you have a new group, it's possible to create a new product (2)

    Set up values for the fields 1-3 and click Continue

    On the next page set off Require Domain filed (3) and add description of your product (2). Click Save changes (4) and go to the next page (5)

    Setup the prices for available periods as on following picture, save the changes and go to the next Module settings (4)

    Perform steps 1-9

    You can specify Test URLs and switch to Test mode.
    Default technical contact handle (8) - your handle in Openprovider that will be specified as the technical one for SSL certificates. It is not available and not displayed to the end users.
    Default language (9) - language of the SSL Panel for the end user if his language is not specified in WHMCS
    You should specify how order will be processed - manually or automatically:
  3. One product has been created. Go to the Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services

For each certificate type you want to provide to your customers, you need to create a different product.

How to set up settings for multi domain product

  1. Go to Setup > Product/Services > Configurable options
  2. Click Create a new group
  3. Set up Group name, description and product for this group. and then click Add New Configurable option
  4. Set up Option name = domain amount, Option type = Quantity.
  5. Click Add option, fill name and click Save. In the menu that appears, fill prices for extra domain for each period and save changes
  6. Open multidomain product (Setup > Product/Services > Product/Services and choose product), open tab Configurable Options and choose created Configurable object group

Accept order by Admin

If you have configured product to be accepted manually than you should:

  1. Open Manage Order page (Orders > List All Orders)
  2. Go into order details or tick particular order
  3. Push Accept Order. A request to Openprovider API will be sent. Your Openprovider account will be charged only in case of a successful order.
  4. If there is an error, then the error message will be displayed

    You should repeat order acceptance process when error has been fixed.

NOTE: manually changing the order state is not the correct action - doing so will not trigger a new API request to Openprovider.

How to buy and request a certificate 

The process of the certificate request is divided into two parts:

1. In WHMCS you should select product type, period and amount of extra domains (for multidomain product) and complete purchase..

2. After this, the certificate is created in the SSL Panel.

3. You should open purchased certificate and use the link to SSL Panel:


4. You will be redirected to the SSL Panel where you should fill in all the certificate details and request the certificate.


How to renew an SSL certificate

1st case - manual renew

  1. In admin panel go to the products list of the client ..../admin/clientssummary.php?userid=1)
  2. Open order and click Renew

NOTE: In this case an invoice line is not created, it is correct behaviour

2nd case - create invoice line

  1. In admin panel go to the products list of the client (....../clientssummary.php?userid=1)
  2. Select the order for which you want to perform a renew
  3. Click "Invoice selected items"
  4. Invoice will be created, renew request will be sent

How to find logs

Go to Utilities > Logs > Module log

How to delete Openprovider plugin

  1. Delete orders
    1. Cancel order
    2. Delete order
  2. Go to Setup > Addon modules and click Deactivate for the addon
  3. Go to Setup > Product/Services > Product/Services
  4. Delete group SSL Certificates
  5. Access WHMCS' MySQL database
  6. Execute the following two queries:
    DROP TABLE openprovidersslnew_orders;  
    DROP TABLE openprovidersslnew_products;

How to update password

Once you have changed password of your account in Openprovider, you should update it in WHMCS plugin. It should be done in 2 places:

1. In the Addon settings (see point 2 of setting up plugin explanation)

2. In the product settings - Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services.

Important: Password should be updated for each product.

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